Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

By the EduRescue Support Team ([email protected])


Why does it say my CAPCHA is invalid when I log in?

Just try again by refreshing the page.

What if I forgot my email address or password?

You may click “forgot password” and it will ask you to reset your password. 


Why can’t I view my certificate?

When you receive an email saying you have been issued a certificate, click “View Your Certificate” then it will automatically bring you to your certificate in the course page of the EduRescue website. 

When you are in the EduRescue School for Teachers website and you want to view your certificate, just go to your Course Page, then below the Course Curriculum, you will see the tab Instructor, then click Certificate. 

When will I receive my certificate?

Certificates are NOT automatically issued right after finishing a course. They are released in batches, usually within 24 hours after completion of your course. Please contact us only if you haven’t received a certificate after 48 hours from course completion. 

Also, please make sure that you chose the plan “Enroll with Certificate” when you enrolled. 

Will I get a free certificate?

Getting a certificate depends on the course plan that you enrolled in. Please read the course plan before enrolling. Some courses have certificates and some do not. 

However, during the launch of EduRescue we gave out free certificates for the first 48 hours and we issued coupon codes that can be used to avail free certificates. If there will be new promos or coupon codes that we will issue, they will be posted in our EduRescue School For Teachers Facebook Group, so make sure you are part of it. 

What are COUPON CODES and where do I get them?

Coupon codes are issued by EduRescue for promotions and discounts. If you have a Multi Use Coupon Code, make sure to enter it in the correct course plan. These coupon codes are usually used on non-free course plans. Read the course plan description before enrolling to know where the coupon codes are available.

If you received a Single Use Coupon Code in your email, you can either enter the long coupon code manually to the course plan, or simply click the link and it will redirect you to the course page and it will automatically apply the coupon code to the course it was meant for. This can only be used once, so don’t share this code with anyone. 

For example, during the launch of EduRescue we gave out free certificates for the first 48 hours and issued multiple use coupon codes (EDURESCUEBEGINS) that can also be used to avail free certificates. 

All coupon codes have expiration dates so please take note of it. 

Where to get coupon codes?

If there will be new promos or coupon codes that we will issue, they will be posted in our EduRescue School For Teachers Facebook Group, so make sure you are part of it. 

What if I accidentally clicked “Enroll for Free” but I want to change it to “Enroll with Certificate”?

Unfortunately, students cannot change course plans once they have enrolled. 

For example, you enrolled using “Enroll for Free” but you want to change to “Enroll with Certificate” - sorry this is not possible. You will have to contact our support team to reset your course plan. 

If you want to change your enrollment in a particular course, please email [email protected] . Due to the volume of inquiries, please allow us up to 3 business days to reply. 

What if I chose “Enroll with Certificate” and I have a coupon code but I was not able to type the code in the space provided upon checkout, do I still get a free certificate?

If you did not type in your coupon code, the system will ask you to purchase the indicated amount in order to proceed. 

For coupon codes, note that only VALID coupon codes are accepted, which means EXPIRED coupon codes cannot be used. Make sure to follow the deadline of coupon codes you receive.

Name printed on my certificate is wrong. Can I change it?

Whatever name indicated in the certificate you received is the name you have written under Full Name when you registered. If you are not happy with your entry, do not worry you can still change it. Just Edit Your Profile, modify your Full Name, and do not forget to Save Changes.

Then it will automatically revise your certificate name but your serial number stays the same. 

To edit your profile, just click the icon you see on the top right of EduRescue website, then click Edit Profile. Make sure you are logged on when you do this.

Can I share a screenshot or copy of my certificate on social media?

Yes you can. However, we advise you to cover or blur your serial number. 

What is the Serial Number in my certificate for?

The serial number is a unique serial number linked to you. This is used by schools, companies and other institutions to verify that your certificate is authentic. Therefore, if you are going to use the certificate as a reference, make sure the name on the certificate is exactly the same name you give the person who will verify your certificate. 


Since EduRescue has just been launched, we only have Credit Cards as our mode of payment for now.

We are currently working on other options to make payments more accessible for everyone. We will update this FAQ once we have good news.

For bulk purchases, please email [email protected].


Why can’t I proceed to the next page? The “complete and continue” button cannot be clicked.

It means that you have an unfinished course item, either a reading, a quiz or a video. You cannot progress until you finish the required material/s.

When can I start and finish the course?

As soon as you are enrolled, you may start the course already. All our courses are self-paced, meaning you can follow along and complete on your own time.


FAQ Updated 17 May 2020

The EduRescue Support Team

[email protected]